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9th October 2015

Fact: Country music star Dwight Yoakam and funnyman Jack Black are teaming up to executive produce a new music-centred comedy series. The odd pair is attached to a show titled Belles and Whistles, which will follow the fortunes of an ambitious dad who moves his dysfunctional family to Nashville, Tennessee in order to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a superstar country singer. Both stars have been dabbling in music and acting for years, with Grammy Award-winner Yoakam scoring a recurring role on sci-fi series Under The Dome, while School of Rock star Black serves as frontman for his band Tenacious D.

22nd October 2014

Quote: "We're gonna take Tenacious D to the Asian shores - we're gonna go to Tokyo, Malaysia... and South Korea... We're big in Japan, we'll see how it goes." Funnyman and rocker Jack Black is preparing for duo Tenacious D's first tour in Asia.

6th April 2012

Quote: "That sent us into a bit of a spiral. Before then, everything we touched turned to gold. So we had to take some time off to re-evaluate." Tenacious D star Kyle Gass on the need for the band's hiatus following the release of flop film The Pick of Destiny.

1st September 2009

Quote: "I turned 40 years old this week, and I feel like I’m in the body of a 10 year old." Movie star/musician Jack Black was energised as his band Tenacious D headlined the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, California on Sunday night (30Aug09).

31st August 2009

Fact: Jack Black poked fun at critics of Tenacious D's headlining set at San Francisco's Outside Lands festival on Sunday (30Aug09) - with a quirky T-shirt. Black and bandmate Kyle Gass were last-minute replacements for the Beastie Boys, who pulled out when Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer, prompting many to suggest they weren't a good enough stand-in. The duo decided to address the issue by offering souvenir T-shirts depicting the Beastie Boys’ Check Your Head album cover with Black and Gass photoshopped in. The title read Check Your Headliner.

30th April 2009

Quote: "I did say to the person responsible for such things that I demanded to be airbrushed to within an inch of my life. What I don't remember is asking to look like something from a Tenacious D video. I don't have grey/blue skin, not any more anyway." Oasis star Noel Gallagher isn't happy with his picture on the new issue of British magazine Q.

7th June 2008

Fact: It pays to know funnyman Jack Black - pal and Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass and his wife Tanya Haden both have speaking parts in his new animated film KUNG FU PANDA.

28th November 2006

Fact: Tyra Banks, Samuel L Jackson, Tenacious D and US TV stars Patrick Dempsey and Matthew Fox appeared in a new ad for sports channel ESPN's MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL last night (27NOV06).

20th November 2006

Quote: "My theory is if RV can be the number one comedy (in America), then maybe a bowl of s**t can be number one." Tenacious D rocker Kyle Gass believes his new film THE PICK OF DESTINY can be a box office hit after Robin Williams' trailer park film failed to impress him.

20th November 2006

Quote: "Three whores and hummus." Tenacious D star Kyle Gass on what he likes to put on his backstage rider.

20th November 2006

Quote: "We needed some Oscar cred." Tenacious D star Kyle Gass on why he and bandmate Jack Black asked Tim Robbins to play a one-legged foreigner in new film TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY.

11th November 2006

Quote: "Don't be fooled by that 'nicest guy in rock' tag - he's a little devil with lots of mischief in his back pocket." Tenacious D star Jack Black on working with Dave Grohl on his new biopic.

1st November 2006

Fact: Tenacious D rocker Jack Black claims the two-piece band has been "lauded by women's group" for their 2001 single F**K HER GENTLY.

11th October 2006

Quote: "This is the first movie he's sung in since The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so we were pretty fortunate." Tenacious D rocker Kyle Gass is grateful Meat Loaf agreed to perform in their new film THE PICK OF DESTINY.

11th August 2006

Fact: King Kong star and Tenacious D frontman Jack Black will host the MTV Video Music Awards on 31 August (06) in New York.

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