Review of At the Still Point Album by Ten City Nation

Review of Ten City Nation's album At The Still Point

Ten City Nation At the Still Point Album

The album opens up easy with a few tantalising notes that are swiftly contrasted against fast and pounding bass that hammers through the opening two songs, tenderising your head as if it were a slab of meat. The first song 'flashing lights' is like Radiohead on amphetamines, charged to the eyeballs with heavy, stoner rock bass-lines and exploratory guitar work.

Emerging wide eyed from the rollercoaster speed of the first two tracks, the tempo slows for the songs 'Take me down' and 'JL give it up' and you're invited to catch your breath while appreciating some fine lead guitar work before jumping back into the adrenaline fuelled chorus of 'Room 10101'. The format of the songs seems to be consistent in that there is a psychedelic guitar bridge ramping up to a bold, passionate chorus stuffed to the gunnels with the vibrational brilliance of a bass wielding madman. You can definitely hear the influence of Krist Novoselic, especially on the aforementioned 'Room 10101', which reminded me of 'Love Buzz', but with more meat and extra hot sauce.

There is no shortage of mesmerising guitar work from start to finish, especially on the haunting finale 'Union chapple' with layered instrumental work that wouldn't sound out of place on a 'Mogwai' album.

Download the free 11-track debut album from the Ten City Nation webpage in anticipation of the new album release on 3rd August. The free sounds will give you a good taste of their dirty underground style, just be warned that after listening to the freebies, you'll find it hard to resist parting with your hard earned coins to satiate your need for another fix.


Rory Taylor

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