Review of Album sampler Album by Temposhark


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Temposhark - Album sampler - Review


album sampler

London duo, Temposhark, darlings of the artistic scene have tapped into that retro electro-synth sound of the 80s given it a welcome modern basting.

With a sexy, often breathless vocal, yet repetitive air of production, Rob Diament and Luke Busby deliver quite a samey sound with each track, perhaps with the exception of ‘Not that Big’, which features Imogen Heap from Frou Frou.

Temposhark - Album sampler - Review

Temposhark have a sexy, slightly sullied sound but there’s a certain something it lacks, perhaps a sense of real grit which it evidently aspires to possess. ‘Invisible Ink’ is a great reflection of their sound taken in a different direction. Its solemnity and calmness still has every inch of its sexiness but seems to pull off the chill out thing rather more effortlessly than the attitude thing.

The remixed tracks also featured on the sampler are unsurprisingly much stronger than the original tracks. Break beat producer Kevin Freeman and hip hop act Border Crossing breathe life into these mediocre, uniform tracks and give them the fortitude they have been crying out for.

The ‘Tom plays with his Dinner’, bootleg remix featuring that world famous Suzanne Vega sample is still unconvincing of their musical prowess – the mix isn’t different enough from the original to be considered groundbreaking and leaves you feeling wholly dissatisfied.

Temposhark may be aiming to fill the position of electro gods for the Pop Idol generation but regrettably they’ve missed…


Jemma Volp-Fletcher