Review of We Were Ghosts Album by Telegraphs

Review of Telegraphs album We Were Ghosts

Telegraphs We Were Ghosts Album

Telegraphs have been on the scene for a handful of years and have series a series of EP's. The Brighton five piece release their debut album 'We Were Ghosts' on Small Town Records.

The album boasts rock heavy guitar riffs and thumping tubs and opens with 'The Argument' a track rich in melody and guitar tricks and some raucous vocals from Harrison. And its more of the same for the following tracks until we get to 'I Don't Navigate By You' where lead vocals are passed over to bassist Hattie Williams, and although the track is good, it does seem somewhat out of place in the context of the rest of the album with the lead female vocals.

An instrumental attempts to show of the musical ability of the band in 'Drop D Not Bombs' but never really aspires to anything and a heavy dose of political statements can be found in 'The Rules of Modern Policing'.

In truth the album did nothing for me and took effort to listen to the whole way through, nothing really original or exciting crops up on We Were Ghosts, although there are some tasty guitar breaks interspersed throughout.

Rating: 4/10

Pablo Roffey

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