Review of Poetry & Aeroplanes Album by Teitur


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Teitur – Poetry & Aeroplanes - Album Review


Poetry & Aeroplanes

This captivating and heart-string twanging collection of melodic folk-pop knows exactly how to reel you in and keep you there.

Teitur Lassen, originally a Faroe Islander, uses tracks such as ‘I Was Just Thinking’ and ‘Josephine’ to showcase his beautifully versatile vocals, gentle acoustics and warming strings.

Teitur – Poetry & Aeroplanes - Album Review

Teitur’s vocal performance can bring to mind a gamete of comparisons; Paul Simon and Rod Stewart to name a couple.

Title track ‘Poetry & Aeroplanes’ with its jingle jangle of guitar strings is magnificent in conjuring up those feelings of freedom and decision – a great track.

And, you could be forgiven for thinking how much final track ‘To Meet You’ sounds like Coldplay. It’s not difficult to pinpoint influences here, but nobody ever said there was anything wrong with influences.

This album is one long rollercoaster of emotions; regret, longing, freedom...a great collection of poignant tracks yet with a continuous air of humour.

This album is like stepping into the cosiest, warmest, most welcoming cottage you can find….

Words by Jemma Volp-Fletcher