Review of Peter Pan Single by Teenagersintokyo

Single Review of Peter Pan by Teenagersintokyo, released February 8th on Back Yard Recordings

Teenagersintokyo Peter Pan Single

Teenagersintokyo seem to be something of a throwback to the edgy synth pop of the 1980s, and where new single Peter Pan isn't a five star classic, it definitely shows promise for what lies ahead.

The song begins with eerie synths and a fairly dated drum sound, creating a strange and dark mix of Nine Inch Nails going Disco. This gives way to an even more dated guitar sound, that wouldn't have been out of place in a Spandau Ballet song. It's all fairly confusing, and there's something about it that feels like it came straight out of the 80's as opposed to being 'the next big thing'.

The vocals on Peter Pan however are stunning. They add to the eeriness and soar. The vocalist truly wails (in a good way) showing off technical skill and range, becoming the focal point in an otherwise dull song. The guitar solo too, is drenched in feedback and probably the high point of the track.

The b-sides on offer here: an extended mix and a remix of peter Pan by The Horrors are both meandering and pointless, dragging out the song to almost double it's length and not really adding anything. Teenagersintokyo find strength in concise blasts of dark pop.

Unfortunately then, Peter Pan is a fairly dull song. There is definitely room for improvement and some elements of the song like the guitar solo show promise for their debut album which is out in spring. You get the feeling though that Peter Pan is very restrained and it never really lifts up and goes anywhere.

Ben Walton

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