Ted Williams, the homeless man from Ohio with the 'golden radio voice', flew into New York City yesterday (5th January 2011) to make a live appearance on this morning's 'Today Show', reports USA Today. However, Williams experienced a number of problems when attempting to board his plane and officials refused to allow him to fly as he lacked any proper identification.
Williams, who has become an Internet sensation after being filmed performing a roadside radio voiceover, eventually obtained a copy of his birth certificate from a Columbus Courthouse and was allowed to continue his journey. As well as appearing on the Today Show, Williams is also planning to reunite with his 92-year-old mother who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant. This morning, Today Show host Al Roker posted a picture of himself and Williams on his Twitter page, along with the caption, "The homeless man, Ted Williams, with the golden voice in our studio". In light of his new found fame, the Ohio man has reportedly been offered work from the likes of MTV and ESPN, however, it is thought that he will accept a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.
A former radio announcer, Williams fell on hard times and soon descended into a life of alcoholism and drug addiction before becoming homeless.