You know that rumor; the one that involved Cheers stars Woody Harrelson and Ted Danson doing mushrooms and scaring themselves into oblivion. Well it’s true. Ted Danson confirmed it while talking on U.S chat show, Conan.

Ted DansonTed Danson opened up on that crazy afternoon on the boat

"We were in the harbour, I hadn't had any breakfast, I have the munchies and Woody says, 'Have you ever tried mushrooms?' explained Danson. "I have a free day, I'm on a boat... I will be called upon by nobody, I'm not responsible for anything today. How wonderful... I ate way more than my share and for the next three hours I died,” he added.

"I would forget to breathe and George Wendt, who's so bored that I'd done this... would look at me and go, 'BREATHE!'" You’ll remember George for playing Norm in the pub where everybody knows your name.

Given that Harrelson is everyone’s favorite Hollywood psychopath, a little trip on mushrooms doesn’t sound too farfetched, although thinking about the naïve Woody tending the bar on Cheers doesn’t lend itself to hallucinations via narcotica.

Danson is currently starring on hit U.S procedural crime drama CSI, while Harrelson has enjoyed a spate of high-profile movies since his character returned for a one-episode cameo in the Cheers spin-off Frasier.

Harrelson is also starring in the highly-acclaimed HBO drama, True Detective, alongside Oscar hopeful Matthew McConaughey, which – much to the disdain of the show’s fans – skipped an episode while the Seahwaks demolished the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

He plays the character of Martin – a straight-laced family man with a penchant for infidelity. He is at loggerheads with his partner Rust Cohle (played menacingly by McConaughey) as they fundamentally disagree on the core aspects of life and religion. True Detective returns this Sunday (Feb 9).

Woody HarrelsonWoody Harrelson doing mushrooms and going a bit crazy sounds about right