Ted Danson's daughter Kate Danson will appear on CSI with her famous father on April 3, 2013. In the episode, the investigators find a body in forest reserve before discovering evidence of a serial killer and his lair of death. Kate plays lawyer Jill McDermott ends up facing off against her father Ted's character D.B Russell as part of the case.

Kate described her role to WENN, saying, "I play a lawyer who knows she's in the right and the CSI team have done something wrong. So I come pretty hard at my dad and dig into him, which was a lot of fun to play," Danson said. "I was really fortunate to get to work with him on 'CSI.' It was so much fun. We never worked together like that... So it was really great going head to head with him." It's shaping up to be an exciting episode of the crime-drama, though there could be more to come for the father-daughter on-screen partnership. Though Kate's cameo is being described as a "single-episode guest-starring spot," there is the possibility that the role could become recurring, according to Zap2It.com. 

It will mark the first time 33-year-old Kate Danson has worked with her father, though she has already appeared in shows like 'Raising The Bar' and 'The Protector.' Ted joined CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as a graveyard shift supervisor D.B. Russell in July 2011, apparently beating the likes of Robin Williams, Tony Shalhoub and John Lithgow to the part. 

Ted Danson DaughterTed Danson and Daughter Kate Out In SoHo, New York.