Review of So Called Summer Single by Team Water Polo

Single review of So Called Summer by Team Water Polo

Team Water Polo So Called Summer Single

'I'm bored out of my mind' moans TW singer Freddie Davis 'When Will my summer ever come?'. Ok, so they don't get much sun in the band's home town of Preston, but surely there's no need to mope around like you just missed out on the last Raspberry Mivvi, right?

Signed last year in the midst of an unseemly cheque-waving scrum of A&R boys and girls, Team Waterpolo's combination of indie frizz and sampleadelic whatnots appeared to bring something new to a clapped out genre prone to barrel scraping, but alas. Without the benefit of being actually influenced in any way by supposed influences such as the Wu-Tang Clan, The Beach Boys or even Incubus, So Called Summer is the kind of shouty, melody-free pish even The Automatic now agree was a crime against popular music. It's three months too late for summer, three years too late for relevance and about as appealing as a flouro mankini.

Andy Peterson

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