While couples everywhere are enjoying the most romantic day of the year, single people are rolling their eyes and either feeling sorry for themselves or counting their blessings - especially if they've come out the other side of a bad break-up. Here's the playlist you need if you are feeling seriously off Valentine's Day this year.

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No Scrubs - TLC

A song for when you are sick of creepy guys hitting on you.

Nobody likes a creeper, and you'd be surprised at what a lot of men think are impressive to women. It's the number one hit from the 90s girl band's breakthrough third album Fanmail, and remains a classic for its era. 

Girlie Girlie - Sophia George

A song for that guy who can't keep it in his pants.

The reggae world is largely a male-dominated genre, but Sophia George is a memorable exception thanks to her iconic hit Girlie Girlie. It's all about a man who has more lovers than anyone can count, spread all over the world.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - Beyonce

A song for guys that can't commit.

This thrice Grammy winning single is all about that guy who wants to be with you, but they'd still rather stay unattached. It's the kind of song you can't listen to without doing the dance moves and remains one of Beyonce's signature songs.

Truth Hurts - Lizzo

A song for when you realise you just don't need him.

Lizzo seems like the kind of woman who wouldn't take any kind of trash from a man, and this song reminds all those who have tried to hurt her that they never had her in the first place. She epitomises independence and that's why we love her 2019 album Cuz I Love You.

Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

A song for when you appreciate your exes but you only need you.

Moving on from past relationships doesn't necessarily mean hating your exes. You can make peace with the things that made you break up without erasing them from your life. In fact, Ariana Grande addresses her favourite ex-boyfriends by name in this single from her album of the same name.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

A song for when they've had their last chance.

We all like to think we're not the sort of people who make the same mistakes twice, but some of us really do especially when it comes to relationships. This song from Taylor's 2012 album Red is all about that final straw that reminds you not to ignore those red flags.

F**k You - Lily Allen

A song for when your ex is a total douche in every way.

Lily Allen does not mince her words in this tribute to every guy who has ever shown his true colours. Indeed, this single from 2009's It's Not Me, It's You is not the only song on the album that deals with moving on and maintaining one's self-respect.