If you’ve got an insatiable appetite for all things Taylor Swift, we’ve got some pretty big news for you. Some bright sparks have invented an app that lets you translate your text messages into lyrics from her songs.

Performing much the same function as the recently invented Drizzy app, which fills text with Drake’s lyrics, TayText allows the Swift uber-fan express their thoughts via a choice of over 300 lyrics from 60 of her songs. Perhaps not best if you’re texting your parents, definitely worthwhile with Tinder!

Taylor SwiftNew app that allows you to text in Taylor Swift lyrics released

TayText was designed by five Harvard Business school Swifties (Swift fans), and costs $0.99 to download. According to Billboard, it features 11 themes from which you can choose: Just Beginning, Into You, Over You, Missing You, It's Over, Trouble, Growing Up, Haters, Party On, Preach and Random.

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At the time of writing, the app had been temporarily removed for maintenance purposes, with the official @TayText Twitter account saying: “Just to confirm, TayText is not currently available on the app store. We will let you know as soon as we have an update. #TayText #swifties.”

It’s entirely possible that Swift’s legal team has clamped down on the TayText app already, despite it only being launched on Monday, given her notoriously protective stance on anything to do with her intellectual property. Earlier this year, she filed legal documents in order to trademark some of her best-known lyrics.

The mighty Swift has recently embarked on her world tour in support of last year’s best-selling album 1989, kicking things off in Japan. On Sunday, it was reported that fans queuing to catch a glimpse of her arriving at Narita International Airport caused huge travel chaos in the capital city of Tokyo.

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