Taylor Swift split from Harry Styles after he became frustrated at her constant nagging about other girls. The young lovebirds called it quits last week after a string of rows, leaving Styles as just another ex-boyfriend of the country star, a list that also includes John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, one of those Jonas Brothers... err... and others.

Taylor, 23, is said to have kept bugging Styles about his on-going friendship with ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack. A source said, "Harry and Taylor had an incredibly intense relationship, and really did care strongly about one another. Sadly it fizzled out just as quickly, and came to a head following a series of angry spats on holiday. Harry felt Taylor was nagging him, quizzing him on his intentions with various women and generally having very little faith in him." What better way to relax after a nasty breakup? Head for Richard Branson's tropical island and jump into the hot tub, of course! That's exactly what the One Direction star did, as Taylor sloped off back to the U.S. 

The couple first met in New York early last year, though only became an item in November 2012. They holidayed together in the British Virgin Islands after spending New Year's Eve in New York, though an argument sent both their separate ways. Fellow holidaymakers Mike Zavagno and Jake Hurley spotted Taylor at St Thomas airport and told The Daily Mirror, "She looked really sad and lonely, really down. We had heard she was down there with Harry Styles from One Direction, but the impression that I got was that they must have had a fight."

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