It's only been available to buy for a week but Taylor Swift's fourth album 'Red' has managed to sell over 1.2 million records, which makes it the highest first week sales of any album since Eminem's 'The Eminem Show' in 2002 (which sold over 1.3 million), reports Billboard. 

She'll have to double that number with her next album if she ever wants to beat the artist at the top of the list; N*Sync who sold over 2.4 million records in the first week of 'No Strings Attached' in 2000. That year also saw the highest selling female artist, Britney Spears and her album 'Oops... I Did It Again!' Making Justin Timberlake (then a member of N*Sync) and Britney Spears, who were in a relationship at the time, the ultimate pop-power couple. 

So, what makes a record tip over the 1-million in a week mark? Well, Swift had a range of publicity deals as well as an 'exclusive' deal with the US's store Target. Buying 'Red' from Target meant you got 6 bonus songs not available anywhere else. She also had a promotion with Papa John's pizzas who had her face as their main topping- covering their pizza boxes, they were also selling her album alongside pizzas at a discounted rate. Swift will be touring with this album alongside Ed Sheeran next year- no doubt when tickets go on sale then, she'll break some more records as has become a bit of a Swiftian tradition.