Taylor Swift’s feud with Apple Music looks to be well and truly behind her, as the singer unveiled a brand new advert for the streaming service in which she stars, dancing as she listens to Jimmy Eat World!

In the new advert, which TayTay tweeted to her millions of followers on Monday morning (April 18th), she can be seen getting ready for a night on the town by looking on her phone for a playlist on the subscription-only service. She happens on a throwback playlist called ‘Jukebox Hits: ‘00s Alternative Rock’ and sees Jimmy Eat World’s ‘The Middle’ and exclaims “Oh my God, I love this song! I used to listen to this in middle school!”

The song begins to play, and Swift breaks out some serious bedroom mirror and hairbrush dance moves as she jumps around her bathroom, lip-syncing along to the 2001 hit into a tube of her red lipstick.

The 60-second clip follows the brilliant clip released on April 1st of Taylor getting distracted while rapping along to Drake and Future’s ‘Jumpman’ while in the gym that she falls off the treadmill.

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Of course, things weren’t always cool between Apple Music and Swift when the service began this time last year. The country-turned-pop artist, 26, penned an open letter to the company on June 21st criticising Apple’s decision not to pay the artists during the three-month trial period it was offering consumers.

“I'm sure you are aware that Apple Music will be offering a free 3 month trial to anyone who signs up for the service. I’m not sure you know that Apple Music will not be paying writers, producers, or artists for those three months,” she wrote. “I find it to be shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.”

After a short time, Apple Music reversed its decision, and this led to a thawing of relations between them and one of the most lucrative artists in the game, with her 1989 World Tour documentary premiering on the service in December.

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