By all accounts, Taylor Swift hasn’t had the smoothest of years. Following her seemingly acrimonious split from Calvin Harris, a short-lived media frenzied romance with Tom Hiddleston and very big beef with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, it’s fair to say the singer has had a few troublesome months.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is the highest-paid musician of the year

Thank heavens then that she now she something to smile about after officially becoming the world’s best-paid musician.

Swifty’s fans have been parting with their money in their droves and her 1989 world tour has boosted her earnings to a whopping $170m, $60m more than second place One Direction, Forbes has reported.

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Taylor is top of a top five highest-earning musicians dominated by women with Adele, Madonna and Rihanna rounding off the top of the list.

Adele is unusual in the list because the bulk of her money has come from recorded music with her latest album, 25, breaking sales records on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Country music star Garth Brooks has earned himself a well-deserved sixth place after continuing with his first tour in 13 years that started in September 2014 and refusing to put the guitar down until February 2017.

AC/DC are in seventh place, Rolling Stones a healthy eight, Taylor’s former boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris sits in ninth and Diddy rounds up the eye-watering amounts earned by the top ten.