Taylor Swift's representatives have been forced to deny that the superstar pulled her music from Spotify after signing a megabucks deal with Google. Swift removed her entire back catalogue from the streaming service earlier this month, arguing that musicians should not "undervalue their art", however, speculation suggest there may have been darker forces at play.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has reportedly signed a deal with Google Music - though her spokespeople deny it

The British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg has criticized the decision as "corporate power play" and claimed Swift's new songs will soon be available on Google's new service.

"On pulling her music from Spotify recently, [Swift] made a big issue of the fact that the majority of the streaming service's users listen to her tracks for nothing rather than signing up to the subscription service," Bragg wrote in a lengthy Facebook post. 

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"These worthy sentiments have been somewhat undermined by Swift making her new album and back catalogue available on Google's new Music Key streaming service which also offers listeners a free service alongside a premium subscription tier.

"She should just be honest with her fans and say, 'Sorry but [Google co-founder] Sergey Brin gave me a huge amount of money to be the headline name [.] and so I've sold my soul to Google'."

Billy BraggBilly Bragg has criticized Taylor Swift, saying she should be honest with her fans and own up to her alleged deal with Google

Swift's spokesperson moved quickly to deny the suggestion, saying in a statement that there has been "absolutely no discussion or agreement of any kind with Google's new music streaming service".

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently said that Swift is forgoing a potential £3.7 million with her decision to leave the service, though other artists, including Aloe Blacc, have backed her decision over the relatively small amounts paid to artists on the streaming service.

Swift sold 1.29 million copies of her new album 1989 in the first week of sales, making it the fastest-selling album in 12 years. She recently confirmed herself for the Victoria's Secret show in London this December and will also play the British Summer Time event at Hyde Park next June. 

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