Taylor Swift hired Greggs to provide the catering for the first UK gig of her 'Eras' tour.

The 34-year-old pop superstar performed at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Friday (07.06.24) and ordered in hundreds of sausage rolls, steak bakes and sweet items from the nation's most popular bakery chain for herself and the crew.

A stadium insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Greggs van rolling up to feed Taylor and her crew. You’d expect a billionaire to be ordering champagne and caviar but the fact she’s got sausage rolls and steak bakes is amazing, she’s gone right up in my estimation.

“Who doesn’t love a Greggs sausage roll?”

The van was painted in the company's signature navy blue colour with an orange squared logo but was emblazoned with satirical bakery themed takes on her lyrics such as 'this is our place, we make the rolls' and Flake It Off' on the rear.

Before it arrived at the stadium to feed the crew, the van did the rounds of the Scottish city and gave fans the chance to purchase a baked good from the one-of-a-kind van.

One visitor leaving Edinburgh Castle said: “I had to do a double take there.

“You don’t expect to see that in the middle of the street.”

Another said: “Made my day, my two favourite things this weekend, Greggs and Taylor Swift - see you Saturday in Edinburgh Swifties, with a sausage roll in my hand."

Greggs - which is headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne -has a history of supplying A-Listers with catering when they arrive for a tour, and have previously fed stars such as Ed Sheeran and Stormzy.