The internet has died of cute at Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s cute friendship, after Taylor posted an Instagram video in which she pokes fun at his lack fitness while on a hike.

In the clip posted on Wednesday (September 12th), Swift could be seen giggling as she filmed her best friend Ed puffing out of breath behind her while they were out hiking outside Taylor’s home city of Nashville.

“You okay, bro?” she eventually teases Sheeran, which resulted in the worn-out English singer flipping the bird at the camera, leaving Swift laughing.

“It’s called exercise, have you ever done cardio?” 28 year Swift mocked. Insisting that he has done exercise “now and then”, she bantered with him: “Strumming a guitar doesn’t count.”

In actual fact, Sheeran recently lost an impressive 3.5 stone by putting himself through 30 minutes of interval training every day. He admits that he’s at his least healthy when touring, as he apparently survives on takeaway.

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Later in the video, the duo discussed who might win in the American Music Awards next month, with both of the stars being nominated alongside Drake in the same category of Best Pop/Rock Album. The pair announced that the other would win, before they both changed their minds and agreed that, in all likelihood, the Canadian rapper would probably do so.

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Internet reaction to Swift and Sheeran’s video was adorable, with one follower commenting “Ed and Taylor are the cutest friends,” and another writing “Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are the cutest friends. That is all.”

Sheeran and Swift have been best friends for years, with the two of them collaborating on 2013 hit single ‘Everything Has Changed’ on Taylor’s album .

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