In the inevitable clamour for media spotlight when any new film or new album comes out from any celebrity anywhere, Taylor Swift will be seen all over the television and internet over the coming weeks as her latest album 'Red' has just been released. This week sees her interviewed on Ellen Degeneres' chat show 'Ellen', and perform on the David Letterman Show, and coming up we'll see her on performing at the AMA and the American Country Music Association Awards. 

In the post-performance interview with Letterman, she was just as happy talking about politics as she was music, saying "I feel at 22 it's my right to vote, but it's not my right to tell other people what to do", she also divulged information that her song 'Red' was about David Letterman. That may have been a joke. Ellen Degeneres tried to torture information out of the young country singer, and brought up photos of men with whom Swift has been linked. You could see Swift physically squirm with embarrassment, as she said "Stop it, stop it, stop!... This makes me feel so bad about myself. Every time I come here you put like a different dude up there on the screen. And it just makes me really question like what I stand for as a human being," she said, reports E!. "There's never been two guys on the screen two visits in a row. It's sad."

Plus, according to the LA Times, Billboard say that if sales continue as strongly as they have been going so far, 'Red' will sell a million in a week, which would be a major record breaker. Since her album 'Speak Now' sold over one million records in its first week, only one album has managed to crack the million boundary, and that was Lady Gaga with Born This Way. Even more impressive, according to MTV if it reaches 1 million she will also be one of only four acts ever to do it twice, the others being Eminem, N*Sync and the Back Street Boys.