Taylor Swift’s love life, her squeaky-clean image and her penchant for writing ‘revenge songs’ about ex-boyfriends, has been the butt of the joke of a whole ‘Family Guy’ episode.

In a new episode of the animated series’ 15th season that was broadcast on Saturday (November 5th), entitled ‘Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date’ – a pun on her ‘Shake It Off’ hit – the Griffins’ eldest son Chris gets a date with the 26 year old pop star when he asks her to the school prom.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has been roasted by 'Family Guy'

But even though they have a nice time, Chris wakes up the next day to find that Swift has written one of her by-now trademark ‘moving on’ songs about him, called ‘The Boy In the Giant Tux’, which contains the lyrics: “Cause I know you're just blubber in a dress shirt / He licked his armpit and then ate all my dinner and desert.”

It’s fair to say that ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth Macfarlane didn’t hold anything back, as evidenced by what the animated TayTay says when Chris confronts her and asks why she did it.

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“I’m sorry, I always do this,” she says. “I ruin relationships with nice guys and John Mayer just so I can write songs about heartbreak and moving on.”

In the end, Taylor apologises and writes a nice song about Chris, but is then bottled off stage when she performs it live.

The episode, whose eventual broadcast date in the United Kingdom is not yet known, comes at the end of a 2016 that has seen Swift break up with two boyfriends in the shape of Calvin Harris, in May, then Tom Hiddleston, in September.

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