Taylor Swift won't forget the night of Barack Obama's presidential election victory - because she was dining in style and listening to Stevie Wonder make a passionate speech.
The country music sweetheart and her best friend Abigail were dining at celebrity hang-out Mr. Chow in Hollywood when they realised the soul superstar was sitting right behind them.
And, as if that wasn't special enough, the Sir Duke singer stood up and addressed everyone in the restaurant after hearing that Obama had been elected America's first African-American president.
Swift recalls, "They dimmed the lights in the restaurant... (and) Stevie Wonder stands up and one of the waiters said, 'Mr. Wonder would like to make a speech,' so everyone in the restaurant is staring and my heart was racing.
"I just remember thinking, 'Remember everything that you hear in this moment.' And he stood up and he said, 'This is for all the people who fought for this country and died so we could vote and this is for all the people who lived their lives with love... This is for all the believers and for the non-believers and for our future generations who will get to vote because of the people who have fought for this country. And most of all, this is for all the people here tonight whose main goal in life is to make this world and this country far better than it has ever been.'
"I'll never forget it ever."