Looks like Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's 'love story' could be on the verge of being over just weeks after it began, as it's reported that their constant PDAs are putting the latter's career in jeopardy. The actor is apparently now being overlooked for an Armani modelling contract.

Taylor Swift and Tom HiddlestonIs Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship on the rocks?

Not only has Tom Hiddleston replaced Calvin Harris as Taylor Swift's boyfriend, but he also nearly replaced him as the face of Armani. That was until the fashion label changed their mind. Apparently, with all the headlines surrounding Swift leaving Harris for Hiddleston, and the subsequent constant stream of cheesy romantic photos from their globe-trotting adventures, the Italian label are a little put off.

'Tom was on the shortlist as they examined who could take over from Calvin', a source told The Mirror. 'Obviously with Tom now being Taylor's other half and the Calvin past deal, it would generate huge media coverage and headlines.'

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It seems that the label have decided to go in a completely new direction with the promotional material, with sources alleging that they are more likely to go after an athlete.

'Armani see themselves as classier than that and think that a rising sports star may suit their current needs better', they continued. 'Armani would hate to be seen as getting PR for their brand by riding on Taylor Swift's coat tails, so Tom will not get the job.'

But just how true are these new claims? Can Hiddleston really lose out on career opportunities just because of his personal life? Well, in the celebrity world, it seems anything that's caught on camera is business.

If the rumours are true, just what does that mean for the future of their relationship? If Taylor keeps costing Tom jobs, things are going to cool off pretty soon. In fact, some reports suggest things are already going downhill because they haven't been photographed together for a while.