For all of Kevin Spacey’s machismo in House of Cards, Taylor Schilling and her cast of convicted cohorts in Orange is the New Black represent some of the strongest, most keenly developed female characters on TV right now. 

Taylor SchillingTaylor Schilling in 'Orange is The New Black' season 2

With a second season kicking off to palpable hype and critical acclaim, it would appear as though Netflix have bagged two remarkable original series, not that star of the whole shebang Schilling has taken the time to sit down and enjoy her work. "I haven't seen any of the show yet actually, I haven't watched any of it," Schilling, 29, told ABC News at the Webby Awards in May.

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"More people know who I am when I walk down the street. It's fun, I like it, I like that people like the show so much. I love that they care enough to tell me, I think it's pretty cool,” she said. And some other stars in the show are even using it for social change and awareness. "It's the golden ticket," Schilling said. "That thing where you feel it lines up politically, creatively, it just fires on all cylinders."

While season 1 of the prison comedy-drama accumulated a score of 77 on Metacritic, the second is already sitting at an impressive 88. “Through the six episodes of the second season made available to critics, it's clear that "Orange" is not only as great as it was the first season, but arguably even better. If you're wondering where to find true TV greatness now that "Breaking Bad" is gone and "Mad Men" has hit the pause button till 2015, look no further than "Orange Is the New Black." It's terrific,” wrote Wiegand for the San Francisco Chronicle.