The second season of Orange Is The New Black debuted on Netflix last weekend, launching the next set of episodes of the female prison comedy-drama for all your binge-watching desires. However, as with all eagerly-anticipated new series, there has been an inevitable spike in the number of viewers watching the episodes illegally.

In the first two days of its release, "OITNB" season 2 episodes were illegally downloaded by 55,668 individuals over peer-to-peer networks in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia, the four biggest markets for piracy, according to piracy-tracking firm Excipio, via Variety.

The figure represents a tenfold rise from the 3,850 pirates who downloaded illegally during the first two days of the initial season last July. This is largely attributed to OITNB's snowballing success and increased buzz since season one as well as the show's constant accessibility to Netflix subscribers.

Watch a selection of clips from 'Orange Is The New Black' season two.

Though the numbers of pirates choosing to seek out the prison drama is notably high, there was a far higher rate of illegal downloading when another Netflix show, political drama House of Cards, premiered in February. The Kevin Spacey drama was pirated by 90,841 people in the same countries in the two days following its Valentine's Day premiere.

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That said, neither House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black can make the sheer intensity of downloading seen when the season four premiere of fantasy drama Game of Thrones premiered online. 1.17 million unique Internet addresses worldwide were downloading torrents of the HBO show within just 15 hours of the fourth season premiere appearing online.

It is thought that Game of Thrones' piracy crown is a result of the show being aired on a premium cable channel as well as new episodes not being immediately available outside the USA.

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On the issue of piracy, Netflix has said that it takes "antipiracy measures similar to those that other content providers take."

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'Orange Is The New Black' Has Has A Storming Season Two Debut, But Has Also Attracted Record Piracy.

Orange Is The New Black Season 2
The Number Of Pirates Downloading 'OITNB' Illegally Has Increased By More Than Tenfold.