Taylor Lautner is currently filming scenes for an action-packed new movie that could see the actor climb even further up the acting ladder. Due for release in 2014, Tracers will chart a NYC bike messenger Cam's journey into the world of parkour after he is wanted by a crime gang that he is indebted to.

Known for his role as topless werewolf in the Twilight franchise, Lautner is well placed to play such a physically demanding role having been a martial arts pro since a young age and earning the prestigious black belt at aged eight.

The title, Tracers, is derived from the slang term used to describe those who engage in the practice of Parkour - a non-competitive discipline that sees tracers moving through their environment, using only their body and the obstacles they come across. Cue incredible footage of tracers scaling buildings by leaping between parallel walls and death-defying leaps from obstacles.

Alongside Lautner will star Marie Avgeropoulos (The Inbetweeners USA, 50/50) and British actor Adam Rayner (Hunted, Dragon Age: Redemption) in a movie that will be first introduced to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival next year.

The film will look to wow audiences with plenty of incredible shots of parkour, as Cam becomes seduced into a new world of thrill after being enticed by love-interest Nikki (Avgeropoulos), which will bring the underground French-originated sport to a wider audience.

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Taylor Lautner
Chilling Out On The Set Of Tracers: Taylor Lautner Pictured On Set In Queens, NY. 

 Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner On Set Of New Movie, 

Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner On Location In Queens To FIlm Tracers. 

Taylor Lautner
Athletic Taylor Lautner Takes A Parkour Leap For 
Tracers Movie.