Taylor Lautner is scared of mice.

The 'Twilight' star has admitted he is afraid of the little creatures, something which is not helped by his current living situation where he is sharing his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the small mammals.

He said: ''I am filming in Santa Fe right now and there are so many mice around my house.

''I go to bed every night afraid that a mouse is going to sleep with me.''

Despite being worried about sharing an abode with a mouse or two, the 23-year-old Hollywood hunk took a less nervous approach to the stunts in his new film 'Tracers'.

He told PEOPLE magazine: ''I did more stunts in this movie than I think I'll do in the rest of my career - very dangerous stunts.

''I love it. I'm quite a daredevil in real life so this was a perfect movie for me. I definitely spent a lot of time arguing with the producers to allow me to do stuff that I probably shouldn't have been doing.''

In 'Tracers', Taylor plays parkour fan and bike messenger Cam, who is wanted by the Chinese mafia. During his travels, he meets Nikki (played by Marie Avgeropoulos) along the way.