Taylor Lautner, Dan Aykroyd, Terry Crews and Nick Nolte will all feature in Adam Sandler's 'Ridiculous 6'.

The comedian's Happy Madison production company recently signed a multi-film agreement with Netflix and he's recruited a stellar cast to appear in the first movie, which also includes Whitney Cummings, Luke Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo and Nick Swardson.

'Ridiculous 6' - a parody of Western film 'The Magnificent Seven' - sees Sandler cast in the role of an orphan who has grown up on a Native American reservation, with Rob Schneider starring alongside Lautner, Wilson and Crews as one of his half-brothers.

The film will also include cameo appearances from Blake Shelton as Old West sheriff Wyatt Earp and Vanilla Ice as Mark Twain, according to TheWrap.

'Ridiculous 6' will be the first of four films that will only be available to view via Netflix and Drew Barrymore - who starred alongside Sandler in 'The Wedding Singer' in 1998, '50 First Dates' in 2004 and 'Blended' in 2014 - has already said she hopes to work with him again.

She explained: ''When we did '50 First Dates', I was so confused about love but he was about to marry Jackie [Sandler]. I was like, how do you make a relationship work and stay?

''When we did 'The Wedding Singer', we were such young kids with barely a care in the world, there was that joy.

''So it will be interesting to see what our next film together will be. Parenting teenagers next, I think.''