Taylor Kinney wants a ''little soccer team'' with Lady GaGa.

The 'Chicago Fire' actor revealed he wants a huge family with his popstar fiancee and can't wait to start a family.

He told HuffPostLive: ''I have a bunch of brothers. I grew up with a big family. I want that, sure

''I want a brood, you know. I'd like to have a little soccer team and a minivan and all that stuff.''

Meanwhile, Taylor previously revealed that Lady Gaga slapped him when he kissed her for the first time.

The 29-year-old singer met the actor when he starred in the video for her 2011 single 'You and I' and he caught her off guard with an unscripted lip lock, prompting her surprised reaction.

Taylor recalled: ''I remember I went up, and we're rolling, and I kissed her and she didn't expect it.

''They cut, and she slapped me. And it was just awkward. And the next take, I just did it again and then she didn't slap me. She didn't slap me then. We had a good time.''

Despite the ''awkward'' incident, the 35-year-old actor believes he and his now-fiancee had ''chemistry'' from their first meeting, revealing they started dating soon afterwards.

He said: ''I think there was chemistry. It was a late shoot. We were shooting until four or five in the morning. We exchanged information. A few weeks went by and we kept in touch and then that's that.''