Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff's dad David Hasselhoff thinks it's ''great'' she has joined the cast of '#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills'.

The 25-year-old beauty has revealed her 62-year-old 'Baywatch' actor father shouted ''Woo!'' when he found out she was going to appear on the E! reality TV show and gave her his full backing.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Taylor-Ann said: ''He said 'Woo!' He supports me in everything that I do, so he just thinks it's a great opportunity and it's going to be fun. He's like, 'If you have an opportunity to go hang out with all your friends and show what you do then you might as well.' ''

Taylor-Ann - whose mother is actress Pamela Bach, who is divorced from David - admitted it was difficult being the ''newbie'' on the show, even though she ''grew up'' with a lot of the cast in Los Angeles.

The star - who has a younger sister, 22-year-old Hayley Hasselhoff -added: ''Everyone in the cast are all tight, they're all family. It's always harder coming in being the newbie but they've been really welcoming and I've grown up with a lot of them and known everyone.

''In LA you kind of know everyone, they're acquaintances or who you went to high school with, who you grew up with but it's been a really cool experience. They're definitely teaching me the ropes and it's been a lot of fun. You're going to have to wait and watch the season for how everything goes down, if I fit in.''

Taylor-Ann appears in the programme with Brendan Fitzpatrick, Jonny Drubel, Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart and Earvin 'EJ' Johnson.

The new season of '#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' premieres on E! tonight (04.06.15) at 9pm.