BRITNEY SPEARS' CROSSROADS co-star Taryn Manning is undergoing painful laser treatment to have her tattoos removed.

Manning, who also starred in 8 MILE, insists she has "grown out" of her love for skin art and wants all five of her tattoos lasered off.

She says, "Now, when I put on an elegant gown, I just don't want to look at them. They bug me."

And she's particularly glad to get rid of her 'I love boys' tattoo on her forearm because it brings back bad memories.

Manning adds, "There was a boy that I was really in love with. We kinda broke up for a little short time, and I was devastated and missing him.

"Then I found out he was already seeing someone else and I got really upset. To make myself feel better, I went and got that on my arm."

Manning admits the process of having the tattoos removed was terribly painful: "It feels like when you're cooking bacon and the grease comes out of the pan and stings you."

18/04/2005 09:24