Taron Egerton was ''terrified'' when he had to compete to sing in a West End theatre show.

The 27-year-old actor attended the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) and he has admitted he was filled with fear but was also ''flattered'' when he and his colleagues had to battle it out to sing on stage.

Speaking to Metro newspaper, the 'Kingsman: Secret Service' star said: ''I did. We had to sing a song from Stephen Sondheim's repertoire and, if you got through, you had to sing it in a West End theatre in front of an audience.

''It was terrifying but very flattering to be involved in. I sang 'Giants in The Sky' from 'Into The Woods'. Each drama school in the UK entered two students and they selected ten to sing live.''

And the star has admitted the institution was ''a funny place'' and his confidence was regularly going ''up and down''.

He explained: ''You spend three years with like-minded people who share your passion for acting but it's also a funny place where you put yourself on show. Your confidence goes up and down. You learn a great deal from very talented teachers.

''But it was tough at times.''

And the dark-haired hunk believes acting is a hard subject to teach and he has admitted he felt he was missing out on a ''big secret'' when studying.

He added: ''Acting is a hard thing to teach. It's a personal thing and I remember thinking I wasn't getting some big secret when I think, really, it's about having fun and being passionate about it.''