Taron Egerton is to star in the action thriller 'Carry On'.

The 32-year-old actor has been tapped to feature in the Netflix and Amblin movie that will be directed by 'Jungle Cruise' helmer Jaume Collet-Serra.

The movie marks the first production to come out of the deal that Steven Spielberg's Amblin Partners signed with Netflix last year and centres on Ethan Kopek – a young TSA agent who gets blackmailed by a mysterious traveler to allow a dangerous package to slip through security and onto a Christmas Day flight.

TJ Fixman has penned the original screenplay with Michael Green completing the most recent polish to the script. Dylan Clark will produce while Holly Bario – Amblin's president of production – will oversee on behalf of the studio.

Sources suggest that Egerton wanted to star in the film as soon as he read the script and has forged a good working relationship with Collet-Serra.

Taron starred as Sir Elton John in the biopic 'Rocketman' and revealed that working closely with the director Dexter Fletcher encouraged him to look beyond acting for his future movies.

The 'Kingsman' star recalled: "When (I did) 'Rocketman', because of the musical elements of it, I had been involved with lots of elements of the storytelling that weren't just about the acting.

"I had a close relationship with the director – it wasn't our first project – so I'd been popping into the edit to see how things were going. And I'd enjoyed those conversations; I'd enjoyed being in the studio and learning about how the music was going to fit into the film and all the rest of it."

Taron added: "By the time this came around, I knew that I was interested in filmmaking conversations as well as acting ones. So, I just asked them if I could be a producer, and if they would welcome my input in that way. And they, very surprisingly and kindly, said yes. That's how it happened to me."