Tara Reid wants to win an Oscar.

The 'Sharknado' actress has dreamed of winning an Academy Award since she was young and has even rehearsed acceptance speeches in her bathroom.

Asked her career ambitions, she said: ''I still want that Oscar. That's every actor's dream.

''You have your speech all prepared and you practise it in the mirror with the toothpaste as your microphone.

''I would love a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too - there's still time for that.''

Tara has moved into producing in recent years and admitted she did so as there weren't many acting roles that excited her.

Asked if she moved to producing to make the movies she wanted, she said: ''That's exactly why. There is so much material out there that isn't good or roles that aren't right.

''I want to find great scripts, get the financing and create the films myself.

''It feels great to be on both sides.''

The 44-year-old star is best known for playing Vicky in the 'American Pie' movie franchise and though she admitted the movies pushed the boundaries of humour, she insisted they were never offensive or harmful.

She said: ''So many actors were scared to make it at the time. They thought it went too far.

''But it's ultimately a movie about awkward teens and it had so much heart in it.

''What I love about that movie is that there is no bullying or meanness.

''Lots of comedies these days are just mean.''

And Tara also confirmed there's another film in the series in the works.

She told OK! magazine: ''There have been talks about that for a while. I've seen the directors and they said it's going to happen, it's just hard to get everyone's schedules aligned. ''