It seems unlikely Tara Reid will be reprising her role in a Sharknado sequel. Sources close to the show's producers have said they are not interested in having the 37-year-old actress return. 

Tara Reid
Tara Reid at the L.A. premiere of Fast and Furious 6.

Reid said, shortly after Sharknado aired, that she would be happy to be involved in any follow up project. However, TMZ revealed over the weekend, Reid was not involved in talks with Sharknado's production company Asylum. 

Ian Ziering, who played Reid's estranged husband in the first instalment, will be reprising his role for the sequel. As producers are already focussing on casting (without a working script or title) and have not referred to Reid once it seems she will have no role. TMZ claim their sources have confirmed producers have "drawn up their cast wish list" and Reid isn't on it. 

Cassie Scerbo
Cassie Scerbo at the premiere of Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain in L.A.

Reid is not the only Sharknado actor to have seemingly been rejected by producers. According to the same sources Cassie Scerbo (Make It Or Break It) and John Heard (The Pelican Brief) who both starred in the first instalment will not be returning for the sequel.

Sharknado aired on SyFy earlier this month and achieved an audience of 1.4 million. It received a surprising response on Twitter, at certain point reaching up to 5000 tweets. The movie followed a group of family and friends who took on the job of destroying a tornado which had swept dozens of blood-thirsty sharks into its midst. Despite its bizarre plotline, producers of the movie took less than a week to decide a sequel would definitely be on the cards. Sharknado 2 is due to be released in 2014. 

Ian Ziering
Ian Ziering at the premiere of Michael Jackson: One, Las Vegas.