AMERICAN PIE star Tara Reid has a huge problem with feet - she hates them.

The blonde beauty admits she dislikes the body parts so much, the very sight of them turns her off.

She says, "I think feet are kinda gross. They smell, they look weird, they're dirty. I just don't like 'em.

"When I was little my dad, when he would come home from work, used to make us take off his shoes and it was awful, because they would smell so bad. We would, like, cry. Forget it if we had to take his socks off - it would be like it was punishment!

"Since then I've never liked feet. I think they're gross."

And while she detested getting involved with anybody else's feet, she had huge fears about the fate of her own as a child.

She adds, "When I was little I never used to let my feet off the bed. I'd think a shark or a monster was gonna bite 'em so my feet could never hang off the bed."

20/01/2005 09:32