As unfortunate as the idea of Sharknado 2 sounds, it’s happening. Let that sink in for a second: someone wrote, filmed and edited a sequel to 2013’s lamest B-movie. Sharknado: The Second One was reportedly filmed in just 18 days for less than $2 million and premiers Wednesday. The “natural” disaster hits New York this time. The good news: someone at Asylum and/or SyFy obviously realized the only selling point of the original was its ridiculousness, so this time they’ve amped it up.

Ian Ziering, Tara Reid
Ian Ziering and Tara Reid stayed on to star in The Second One.

Sharknado 2: The Second One (the name really tells you everything you need to know) features chainsaws, Ian Ziering delivering inspiring speeches and sharks, sharks everywhere. The CGI team have really taken their job above and beyond, in quantity, if not quality. As Tara Reid put it in a recent interview with USA Today: "The sharks could go anywhere from inside hospitals to the Mets stadium to subways, to the street, to you name it, a shark could be there. The Empire State Building."

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"A spectacle that brings people together, while taking the world by storm." - No one, Ever.

The previous movie featured Ziering carving his way out of a shark’s belly, which is definitely a tough act to follow. But a shark in the Empire State Building ought to do it. Plus, there are cameos from Kelly Osbourne, Matt Laure and Kelly Rippa, all of whom  

Reviewers have already slammed the sequel for its " ineffably awful dialogue" and "utterly clueless performances."

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Kelly Osbourne
Bonus: Kelly Osbourne makes an appearance this time.