Something happens to people when intentionally bad movies get big, we’re not sure what to call it, but there’s a kind of cultish devotion to the art of bad cinema, and it’s becoming just as big as the cultish devotion to good cinema (anyone who owns that Werner Herzog boxset look away now, go and pre-order something in the world cinema section).

So if you missed Sharknado when it was on SyFy, and let’s face it, you probably only knew it was on when you logged in to Twitter and saw the storm brewing, then you can still catch the B-movie, starring the one and only Tara Reid.

Reid, who has recently been linked with a Sharknado exit (Sharknado shouldn’t be so much of a thing that people can be linked with exits, but they are) has been talking about how funny it was to shoot.

Note, she’s not talking about how funny the film is. “We were responding to absolutely nothing,” Reid said, of massive flying sharks not actually being there for filming. “We were laughing so hard. It was so ridiculous. It was really fun to see everything come together and see the film once the effects were added. (

Fathom Events is bringing Sharknado to the big screen at three Twin Cities theaters tonight at midnight, giving bad movie lovers at Eagan 16, Brooklyn Center 20 and Showplace ICON at the West End in St. Louis Park the chance to really ramp up their roster of purposefully dire cinema fun.

Tara RiedTara Reid stars in Sharknado