Review of Tame Impala EP by Tame Impala

Review of Tame Impala's self-titled EP released through Modula.

Tame Impala Tame Impala EP

Australia has often been seen as something of an anomaly when it comes to producing exciting new music, or maybe that should say "credible"? AC/DC aside, there hasn't really been an awful lot else to shout about from the Antipodean corner of the world unless diluted soft rock like Midnight Oil or so retro it hurts plagiarism a la Jet floats your boat.

Thank the lord then for Perth three-piece Tame Impala, a band who seem to have spent their entire adolescence digesting the entire Pebbles back catalogue whilst soaking in the add transcendental dose of Anton Newcombe-inspired weirdness for good measure.

Across the five tracks on this self-titled EP, Tame Impala display an unholy panache for distributing rampant psychedelia and affluent shoegaze themes amidst their candid blues roots, so much so that lead track 'Desire Be Desire Go' or sister in arms 'Half Full Glass Of Wine' sound like a modern day Byrds after a Black Rebel Valentine Massacre makeover.

The rest of the EP is just as vibrant in a more dysfunctional way, which can only suggest a bright future for Tame Impala and Australia's surprisingly barren musical underground.


Dom Gourlay

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