Tamara Ecclestone no longer cares what people think of her ''brelfies'' and is ''over trying to please anyone''.

The 30-year-old socialite uses her ''instinct'' when deciding what is the right thing to do when it comes to raising her 15-month-old daughter Sophia, who she has with husband Jay Rutland.

During an appearance on 'Lorraine' Tamara said: ''I think parenting in general, people always have such an opinion and it divides opinion... I'm kind of over trying to please anyone, I just do whatever feels right and I think as a mum you just follow your instinct of what feels right to you.''

Tamara recently caused controversy by posting a 'brelfie' - an image of her breastfeeding Sophia - on social media and admitted she had no idea it would spark such debate and arguments such as it putting pressure on

Instead, she wanted to post the picture because it captured a ''special moment'' on a family holiday.

She shared: ''I was on holiday at the time with my husband and [daughter] Sophia and I shared so many pictures of Sophia - I'm completely obsessed with my daughter, sorry everyone all I do is post pictures of her - and my husband took the picture and I loved it.

''I thought it was so cute and I didn't realise that it was going to cause so much controversy, I didn't realise that people would have so many opinions on it, I just thought it was a beautiful photograph of the person that I love so much and on holiday and it was a special moment and that was really the only reason to share that picture.''

And Tamara thinks people don't even notice her in her pictures anymore.

She added: ''I don't think anyone is looking at what I look like, I think more people are looking at Sophia than me. I think no one really cares about me anymore, everyone is obsessed with my daughter - she just looks content and happy and that's why I like the picture.''