Lifestyles of the rich and famous, huh? Tamara Ecclestone managed to rack up a huge £30,676.25p bill at London's Aura nightclub. To put that into context, that's more than double what someone earning the national minimum wage would make in a year.

A lot more than double, actually, but hey, it's her money. She spent £13,020 on 28 bottles of Cristal champagne, £2,660 on two magnums of Cristal, £5,000 on one Jeroboam of Cristal and £5,740 on seven bottles of Cristal Rose, and included a hefty £4,001.25p tip. That's nothing for Tamara though, The daughter of billionaire Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone spent £1million on a crystal bathtub imported from the Amazonian rainforest after she bought a £47million mansion in the West End. Some of the photographers at the club were also treated by her decadence that night. One wrote on Facebook: "Long night, made better by Tamara Ecclestone handing out free bottles of Cristal champagne! Pretty tasty! Although not worth £450 a bottle!" according to The Mirror.

Of course, though, this doesn't have a happy ending, or at least it probably won't. Her spokesperson said: "It is a shame that a fun girls night out has ended in a situation that is now being dealt with by Tamara's lawyers." They've been called in because she isn't happy that the bill has been made public. But with that amount of money in the bank, one wonders how much sleep she'll lose over such a thing.