Tamar Braxton feared she was going to die when she fell ill with flu.

The 45-year-old star had been enjoying the holiday season with her friends but needed emergency assistance after struggling to breathe, and was shocked when she was taken to hospital and eventually told what was wrong.

She wrote on Instagram: "This isn't an attention post… this is an ATTENTION post.

"Literally I was with my best friends @normankgyamfi and @wardellmalloy shopping and doing Christmas fun s*** and the VERY NEXT DAY I had to be taken to the hospital by AMBULANCE, needed oxygen cause I thought God was taking me home cause I could not breathe and my chest was on FIRE!!

"I was taken to @northsidehosp and was met by the BEST nurses and doctors including @therealdrjackie to find out what's wrong.

"Yall, I have the FLU and let me tell u it's worse than COVID in my opinion.

"I'm on 5 different medications. (sic)"

Tamar urged her followers to "be careful" and not mix with others more than they need to in order to minimise their chances of contracting the virus too.

She added: "..please be careful.. I wasn't around a lot people and have NO IDEA where it came from.. enjoy y'all holiday AT HOME.. u don't want this (sic)"

The 'Surreal Life' star has been placed in isolation to prevent her passing the virus on.

She concluded: ".. oh yeah I'm completely isolated cause it's hella contagious I love y'all for real.(sic)"

Tamar's mother, Evelyn Braxton, 74, was among the first to respond to her post.

She commented: "Love you. Get well soon Tamar. [heart emoji].(sic)"