Talking Heads frontman David Byrne horrified his bandmates on the day of John Lennon's tragic murder in 1980 by refusing to pay tribute to the star during their concert that night.

The ROAD TO NOWHERE stars hoped to dedicate a number to the murdered beatle on 8 December 1980, but Byrne left them dumbstruck when he didn't even mention the event which had rocked the world.

Drummer Chris Frantz recalls, "We were on tour in Europe. I turned on the TV and the news was breaking - 'John Lennon is dead in New York'.

"It was hard to believe this had really happened. Too awful.

"We played our show, and when we suggested to David Byrne that we dedicate TAKE ME TO THE RIVER to John's memory, he refused, and made no mention of John onstage that night.

"To the rest of the band, this was hard to believe. It still is today."