Review of THE BEST OF TALKING HEADS Album by Talking Heads

Talking Heads

THE BEST OF TALKING HEADS - Album Review - released 18th October

Talking Heads in my opinion are a doubtless inclusion to any list of greatest bands of all time. This 80's to 90's New York based art-rock four piece paved the way for many subsequent artists from indie giants of the 90's through to today's stars such as Franz Ferdinand and the Scissor Sisters.

Formed at art college and led by luminary front man, musician and modern thinker David Byrne, Talking Heads covered many different aspects of music within their long career. From African funk through to dark ballads amazing pop songs and super modern rock the influences provided by each individual member could take this band off in any direction. What is more Talking

THE BEST OF TALKING HEADS - Album Review - released 18th October

Heads as a collective force always managed to create something accessible and more importantly beautiful. If you are already a fan then this release is a fantastic retrospective of hits. If you are new to Talking Heads then prepare to uncover one of the greatest and most artistically relevant bands of the new-wave period.

THE BEST OF TALKING HEADS collects 18 of the group's most popular songs on a single disc. Compiled by the band, THE BEST OF TALKING HEADS includes all the favorites ("Psycho Killer," "Once In A Lifetime," "Burning Down The House," "And She Was"), as well as some unexpected selections like "Heaven" and "Memories Can't Wait." This collection provides new listeners with a perfect introduction to this ground-breaking band's work.

David Byrne, Chris Frantz, and Tina Weymouth formed Talking Heads (note: no "The") after meeting at Rhode Island School Of Design in the early 1970s. Jerry Harrison, formerly of The Modern Lovers, joined in 1976 and Talking Heads quickly became one of the most important bands to emerge from the New York punk scene. Over the course of their 11-year recording career they released ten albums (including five gold records, one platinum, and two double-platinum), earned critical acclaim, and racked up more than a few hits.