Take That are working on a new album.

Frontman Gary Barlow, 51, has revealed the 'Patience' hitmakers - completed by Mark Owen, 50, and Howard Donald, 54 - have been working remotely on the follow-up to 2017's 'Wonderland', which will be released next year, and they are also plotting a world tour for 2024.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, he said: “We’ve kind of started already. We’ve learnt to work remotely because we live in different parts of the world.

"So I’ll send off a chorus and say, ‘Let me know what you think, lads’, then it will be back a few days later and it’s had a little more written on it.

“You’ll hear a single just before the summer next year and the album will be released around October. And the following year we’ve put the whole of it aside for a world tour. We haven’t done a world tour for years. So we will take this new record everywhere and there will be a few surprise places that we haven’t toured before.”

Mark is California-based and has been busy with his solo career, with his fifth solo album, 'Land Of Dreams', set for release on September 23.

Howard, meanwhile, has been DJ'ing and Gary's latest ventures include launching his own brand of wine, Gary Barlow Organic Rose.

Gary insists the 'Giants' hitmakers have a lot left they want to achieve together yet, and he believes they will be around for "years" to come yet.

He said: “We’re feeling ambitious and ready for hard work. Music isn’t about repetition, so we always want to feel like we are moving forward and chasing new dreams.

“We’ve done a lot as Take That but we haven’t achieved everything we want to achieve. I believe we have years to go yet.”

Take That also have a movie coming out, 'Greatest Days', as does former member Robbie Williams, 48.

And Gary says his former bandmate has been a "bugger" teasing them over who will portray them in his biopic.

He laughed when asked who he'd have play himself: “He will have to be very tall, and very thin. Rob has really teased us about this. He’s said, ‘You wait until you see who we’ve picked for you’ the bugger."

Gary added: “We can’t wait to see it. Rob’s had a colourful life and that story needs to be told. And what’s lovely is, we also have our own movie with our songs in, and you think, ‘Wow, after all these years, we’ve both got movies out’. It’s a good place to be.”