Take That love connecting with their fans through social media.

The pop group first formed in 1990 as a five-piece - which included Robbie Williams - and they would try and connect with their fans through the media, fan clubs and in person when they could.

Now, the trio - Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen - love the fact they can communicate with their followers via Instagram, X and TikTok and they loved seeing what dance routines fans come up with to their songs.

Talking to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper, Gary, 52, said: “If there was one thing we longed for in the '90s, it was connection to our audience beyond talking to journalists or going through a TV show.

“That was the only way of getting to our audience, and now they’re in our hands.

"In the past, people used to take your music home and listen to it on a Friday night.

"Nowadays they’re making dance routines to it, It’s a not new in the way people are engaging with music. It’s just a new format of it."

Howard, 55, added that the group also love to canvas opinions from their fans when they meet them and take their feedback about their live shows seriously.

He said: "Sometimes fans are outside the hotels and you ask them, ‘Do you like the tour?’

“If someone says, ‘Oh, it’s not as good as the last one’, but that’s their honest opinion and it really, really does count."

Social media played a huge part in Take That's decision to carry one as a trio after Jason Orange quit in 2014.

Mark, 51, said: “We were watching social media to see if fans were interested in having three people as Take That and everyone was so positive. We really didn’t wat to be coming back to everyone going ‘What the hell is this?!”

Garry added: “Even though Jay and Rob aren’t here, Take That is the five of us still, but right now that is the band. It’s a funny band, it’s like no other.

“They are still here in a way those guys, because they’re so much part of the music we perform every night.”