Take That are in talks over a Las Vegas residency.

The 'Rule the World' hitmakers - made up of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald - have admitted the chances of them performing in Sin City "look promising", as they gear up to potentially land another number one album this week with recent release 'This Life'.

Speaking at a live recording of their podcast 'Take That: This Life' at London's Leicester Square, Gary said: "Las Vegas, it looks promising."

Gary, 52 - who co-produced the band's new album - also revealed the group have been putting "very exciting" plans in place for their UK tour, which begins in April.

He said: "There’s an invisible switch that happens when the album comes out and there’s nothing else you can do then, so your brain starts thinking about the tour immediately and within the last four days we’ve done the most work on the tour and it’s very, very exciting."

'This Life' is the ninth studio album by Take That, and Gary dropped a huge hint that it could be followed by a 10th record.

He added: "We were sat together the other day and they were going through all the numbers (for the This Life album) at the label.

"And everything was looking great and they said to us, ‘How does it feel?’

"And we turn to one and other and went, ‘Well, it means we can do it again. It means we can make another record in a few weeks.' "

Howard, 55, admitted there is no reason why the 'Never Forget' hitmakers can't keep making new music.

According to The Sun newspaper, he said: "People always ask, ‘Are you going to be like the Rolling Stones and keep going until that sort of age?'

"And I think, you know what, maybe in five or ten years there won’t be as many dance moves but I think if we carry on making great music I think we can carry on."

However, Howard recently confessed he feels like the "weakest writer" in the band.

He told Music Week magazine: "I thought, 'I've gotta come up with something great', so I went off and did co-writes with people I felt comfortable with.

"We brought out stuff to the table, which was a very nerve-wracking for thing for me, where I've got to be prepared for criticism and I'm not very good at [taking] it.

"But luckily, I brought the right songs in. I always feel like the weakest writer out of the three of us."

However, Gary has thrown his support behind Howard and insisted his friend is "the best version" of himself on the new album.

He added: "By saying he's the weakest, Howard is touching on confidence.

"If I was going to say anything about this record being different, it's that this is the best version of you I've ever seen.

"You brought the best songs I've ever heard you write."