Take That
Support from Sugababes & Beverley Knight
Live Review

With over 50,000 women in one area it was the biggest gathering of women watching football ever recorded in history, after the superb 1-0 victory for England it set a lively atmosphere perfect for women wanting to relive their teenage years.

The night started off well with the superb support bands Beverly Knight and Sugababes. Beverly Knights outstanding voice grabbed everyone attention instantly with great songs like "Piece of my Heart" and "Shoulda Woulda Coulda!. The Sugababes made their presence by singing upbeat songs like "Push the Button" and one of their new remixes "I bet you look good on the dance floor". The latest member of the seductive girl band Amelle Berrabah is hot, sexy and extremely Sassy. Her powerful voice, confidence and vitality gives the band a fresh attitude and style.

Despite the support bands being amazing there was only one reason everyone was there … Take That! Things had slightly changed since the last time the bands were touring: alcohol for sale, no mum holding our hands and less Take That apparel! The audience was a great mixture of all age groups which added to the excellent atmosphere.

Take That

The whole evening was filled with great Take That classics such as "Babe", "Pray" and "How deep is your love", combined with the usual cheesy dance moves by Mark and Howard which added good humor. The evening was spiced up with great extras such as Lulus appearance, "It only takes a minute" latin style, with Salsa dance routine, along with "making the boy band" which was a good sketch by the boys, fireworks and very humbling speaks by made the band who truly seem grateful at the big "welcome back" from everyone .

For the true Take That fans there was various rumors that the band were "Back for Good" and a chance of a new album for the lovely chaps. The band finished on one of their true classic "Never forget" which seems highly appropriate for their comeback… so ladies remember who they are!

Alex Lai