Review of Rokstarr Album by Taio Cruz

Review of Taio Cruz's album Rokstarr

Taio Cruz Rokstarr Album

Taio Cruz is certainly making headway in the UK music industry. This young talented singer/songwriter/producer is gaining serious acclaim having won a Brit, being nominated for a MOBO and very much in the minds of many budding pop stars for his writing skills. You can't deny this pop star has much to give and gaining a number 1 with his first single 'Break Your Heart' from Rokstarr, his second album, Cruz means business.

I was instantly put off listening to Rokstarr as 'Break Your Heart' is the opening track and no matter how good a pop track it is, it irritated me and it was played so many times on radio. Other releases like 'No Other One' and 'Take Me Back' I preferred and as you get used to Taio you can't deny his songs are seriously catchy. However if you liked 'Break Your Heart' you will love this. Obviously I would have been a fool not to listen to this album as it's clear Cruz is a serious talent and could certainly rival the Americans in pop hits. Rather than going down a predictable pop formula Taio does incorporate new sounds and it does add a bit of power to the mix, with understated grime and electro influences. It's certainly going to be a winner with the kids.

There's no denying Rokstarr is a very good pop album. It is edgy in a pop sense and has a serious amount of sophistication for a young producer and songwriter. Maybe it's just I'm a bit too old for this vibe. He's a smooth operator with serious slick skills and I could be all over it if I was a teenager but for an old psycho like me it's a Christmas present for my niece not a piece in the puzzle for my progression. Yet top marks for Rokstarr and respect to Taio.

Tareck Ghoneim

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