Review of 1,000 Times Single by Tahiti 80

Tahiti 80 - 1,000 Times
Tahiti 80 - 1,000 Times - Single Review

Tahiti 80

1,000 Times

When first listening to ‘1,000 Times’ we are immediately introduced to a string quartet, which automatically gives the song a disco, feel. This is followed by safe rolling drums and jazz piano that sets up the vocals which is delivered in an airy fairy manner. I guess if you’re into retro, like hanging around your friends drinking nice wine and talking about the weather you may like this track. It’s very safe and quite camp. It reminds me of a disco Lightening Seeds. I suppose The Cardigans and St. Etienne could get away with this kind of fickle pop as they have a certain savvy sexy undertone to their light European influenced music. Tahiti 80 just haven’t got any balls but do have a lovely feminine sweetness to them which would make great background music on a home video of a trip to Paris.

Tareck Ghoneim

Tahiti 80 - 1,000 Times - Single Review